Location: 1 Seaforth Street, Blyth, Northumberland NE24 1AY
01670 354904

Getting a parcel

We are a referral-based foodbank but there are many ways of getting a referral.

Most people call Northumberland Communities Together Hub on 01670 354904. If you don’t have credit on your phone email them on [email protected], explain what you need and leave a phone number. They will phone you back to discuss your needs before sending us your referral.

Other ways are to ask:

  • any support workers or care staff assigned to you
  • your Job Centre Plus contact
  • any medical professionals working with you (Health Visitors, Doctors etc)
  • your children’s school or Surestart Centre
  • Citizens Advice
  • Probation Staff

In all cases make sure the referrer knows:

  • about all the people living with you that you need food for. Include any cats and dogs.
  • if claiming for children they must be living with you for the next few days
  • any foods you can and can’t eat for either religious or medical reasons

Once you have been told that they have sent the referral you can come to our next session to collect your parcel.

When you collect your parcel please make sure the food is safe for you and your family to eat.

Our parcels usually cover 3.5-4 days. If you need support for longer please ask your referrer to explain on the form the reason you need help for longer than this and how long your emergency will last. Please tell our staff when you arrive as sufficient details may not have been included on the form. If you need help between starting the referral and it being processed and we are open call in at 1 Seaforth Street and talk to us.